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Rhode Island: New York City’s Hottest New Suburb

It’s no secret that our little Ocean State has been somewhat of a… secret… kept by certain New Yorkers for many, many years. With the famed Hamptons being just a jitney ride from the city, the proximity and same-state location of said Hamptons- for the most part- has kept it as the go-to summer spot for the vast majority of city-dwellers looking to beat the heat.

Those that prefer a more low-key summer escape, however, have continually chosen instead, to spend time in the smallest state- Rhode Island- which just happens to be made up of predominantly coastline, making it the perfect place for summer sand, sun and swimming. With Southern Rhode Island’s Watch Hill being a mere 2.5 hours from Manhattan and historic Newport, R.I., an additional hour away, these two hot spots have continued to bring in summer tourists, as have many of the coastal towns in between them.

As 2020 has brought on a multitude of changes, one of those changes is what has been referred to as the “mass exodus” of New Yorkers, fleeing the city in search of suburban, more spacious full-time abodes. As more and more jobs become remote, the Rhode Island real estate market has seen a surge in buyers that are part of the “Manhattan migration,” looking to trade their bustling metropolitan lifestyles for something more still and serene.

Seemingly overnight, RI is now being recognized as “NYC’s Hottest New Suburb.” We, at Edge Realty RI, are happy to be sharing turf with those who once called one of our favorite places to visit- the Big Apple- home.

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