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Gian Ventilato Takes Edge Realty RI Back to Its Edgewood Roots

Edge Realty RI Agent & Edgewood Resident, Gian Ventilato

Edge Realty’s roots date back to 1990 in the waterfront community of Edgewood, Rhode Island. Originally known as “Edgewood Associates,” Broker/Owner Vin Fraioli, alongside Edge Sales Specialist, Deb Fraioli, took their background in the creative arts and their love for architecture, to start Edge Realty RI in an area that boasts the best of both. Though eventually migrating the company to our current South County and East Bay locations, the Cranston neighborhood we once called “home” has remained near and dear to our hearts.

Today, Edge agent, Gian Ventilato, an Edgewood resident, anchors us back in the Ocean State community that put us on the map- and tells us why living in RI is so special to him. “You drive twenty minutes north, and you’re in an area so rural and rustic, you feel like you’re in New Hampshire. You drive twenty minutes south, and you’re at the beach- which can feel like many different places- the Hamptons, the Cape, the California coast.”

It’s true that Rhode Island gives residents (and visitors) so much variety for such a small state, and we are lucky enough to live in a place where the ocean is never far. Gian tells us, “In RI, it’s not just cities and towns- they’re all different pockets, neighborhoods and villages, where a single backroad could bring you through at least five of them. It’s just a damn special place to live… and the food is pretty good, too”

A sentiment shared by many, living in Rhode Island really is a gift. Check out our current listings to browse homes available in the different sections of the state that you love best, whether that’s north, south, east or west… Fortunately, everything is pretty close, no matter which road you take!

A 1990’s Edgewood Associates newspaper ad showcasing some of the beautiful homes of Edgewood. Art + Design by Deb Fraioli

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