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Edge Agent, Lenny DiNardo: From Red Sox to NESN + NY System Wieners

Professional Athlete. TV Personality. Rhode Island Realtor. Wiener Enthusiast.

Meet Edge Realty RI agent, Lenny DiNardo.

If you’re from New England- or more specifically- if you’re into New England sports, there’s a good chance you’ve either watched Lenny pitch for the Boston Red Sox during the ’04 (hey World Series!), ’05 and ’06 seasons, or, more recently, caught him broadcasting on NESN, where he’s currently a co-host of the pre and post-game shows for the team.

And whether you know Lenny as a professional athlete, a TV personality or an active Rhode Island real estate agent, there is another hat (baseball pun not intended) he wears proudly: Olneyville New York System Weiner Enthusiast.

Of the many things Lenny loves about life in Rhode Island, these delectable dogs have a special place in his heart. And, much like Food Network star, Guy Fieri, he has a huge appreciation for the longstanding, family-owned business and their uniquely local pork product served “all the way.” Lenny says, Since moving to Rhode Island 5 and a half years ago, I have fallen in love with the beaches, hiking trails, the people and the history- but there is just something about putting ground beef, onions and celery salt on a hotdog that reaffirms my love for the state.

And despite his Florida roots, living in the Northeast for baseball is what initially led him to become inamoured with the area, returning in 2015 to raise his family here in the Ocean State. Today, Lenny and his wife, Julie -an Edge Realty agent as well- along with their four children, two dogs, five chickens, one cat, one fish, a butterfly and various exotic plants- make their home in Wakefield.

While it may surprise some to hear that Lenny prefers a Wiener All the Way over a Fenway Frank, if you’ve been to NY System, we’re willing to bet you’re on the same team.

So, where do you stand? NY System or Fenway Frank? Let us know in the comments below!

And read more about Lenny DiNardo and his wife, Julie, here.

Lenny at the Edge Realty RI Narragansett Office
1007 Boston Neck Road
Lenny DiNardo sharing the NESN screen with Tom Caren and Tim Wakefield
Pitching for the Boston Red Sox, 2004
An Olneyville NY System Wiener Served “All the Way”

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  • Charmian
    Written on

    I love RI and am glad to read about another person(Lenny) who also loves the state. My suggestion is to avoid beef and pork. Go vegan…and prevent
    cruelty to these animals.

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